All divisions are FULL. Schedules have been made…but we still need to comb thru them to make sure everything is correct before we post them. We anticipate on posting schedules on Wed!!

We have emailed or spoken to everyone who was on the wait list and did not get in. We’re very sorry….but we filled up extremely fast this year.

If you haven’t paid and need to, you’ll need to contact us at summersizzler2008@yahoo.com so we can email you a link to pay online. Since the registration page has been altered, you are no longer able to do any editing. If something needs changed, you’ll need to call Missy @ 830-5190 to do that. (change or add player, t-shirt size, parent has read liability waiver etc…)

TENT SPACE.  We sent out an email last week about tent spaces. If you registered after Wed you may not have received it. We will be calling every team in the tournament on THURSDAY to reserve your tent spot. We want the schedules to come out first so you can see where your team will be playing. The contact number you entered when you registered is the number we will call. If you don’t answer, we will leave a message and continue down the list. We suggest reply texting to the number that called you with your name and number… and they will call you right back. If you call and they are on the other line and don’t pick up…don’t leave a voicemail.They may not get to it as quickly…texting is the safer choice! We have just over 100 teams and right at 100 tent spots. If you have multiple teams and are capable of taking less tent spots than you have teams ~ that would be helpful!! A map of the tent #’s and their locations will be posted along with the schedule on Wed. We will email everyone as soon as they are ready!!

Looking forward to another great Sizzler….