Summer Sizzler 2020 Canceled

It is with a heavy heart that we are canceling the 2020 Summer Sizzler.  Coach Davidson, who started the Summer Sizzler and its unique format, has retired from coaching. Since a new coach has not been hired yet…and with the COVID-19 restrictions, it is just not in the cards for the annual event. We’re hoping that when the new coach is hired, he/she will continue on the tradition for the Summer of 2021.

Thank you all for spending the past 12 years with us on a HOT Saturday in July…it’s been a great time.  Hope to see you all on the pitch!

For the Love of the Game,

The Summer Sizzler Volunteers and Staff/Ozark Youth Soccer, Inc.

May 21, 2020


Schedules Are Available!!!!!

Here are your schedules. We’ve gone over them at least a dozen times …..but if you see a mistake, please contact Missy immediately at 830-5190.  We won’t make changes unless it is our mistake. We did our very best to accommodate requests.  PLEASE read the back page. It goes over our new parking arrangements.

We are starting at 9am this year (YES!!….one more hour of sleep!!).  You can come Friday night at 7pm to get your score cards, t-shirts and set up your tents. ALL TENTS ARE REQUIRED TO BE ZIP TIED TO THE FENCE.  If you can’t come Friday, then make sure you are checked in at the front table at least 30 minutes before your first game.

Someone will call you on THURSDAY to reserve your tent space. If you do not answer, she will leave a message and you will need to call her back.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us at!




Please make sure you have your debit/credit card ready as you will need to pay at the end of registration.  Also, please have the parents of all players under the age of 18 read the liability form so you can mark that off as you fill in the registration form.

*July 20th, 2019…start time TBD (probably 8am or 9am)

*Everyone is guaranteed 3 games.

*Cost per team is $100.

*Enter your team by their FALL of 2019 GRADE LEVEL.

*Everyone who is registered by July 14 will get a tshirt with registration.

*We will have Friday Check In for those who would like to set up early.

*Someone will call you a few days before the tourney to get your tent space #.

*No animals allowed on the field

*No smoking or drinking allowed ANYWHERE on school grounds.



And Your Division Winners Are…..





  • Adult Mens…The Goose Bruisers
  • Adult Red…Springvegas FC
  • Adult Black…The Worst Team
  • High School Boys “A”…Paint Boys
  • High School Boys “A/B”….Diversity (by a point differential tie breaker)
  • High School Boys “B” Red…LR Wildcats
  • High School Boys “B” Black….BBO
  • High School Boys “C”…Dyslexia Un-tied
  • 8th Grade Boys…GG FC
  • 7/8th Grade Boys…DMZ Crew
  • 7th Grade Boys…Floss Like a Boss
  • 5/6th Grade Boys…Xtreme Demize
  • 4/5th Grade Boys…Formerly Known as the Saints
  • 3/4th Grade Boys…Neymar Mr. Nice Guy
  • High School Girls “B”  Fortnite 5
  • High School Girls  “C” Pitch Perfect
  • 8th Grade Girls…Speedsters
  • 7/8th Grade Girls…Joe’s Hobos
  • 6/7th Grade Girls…Instant Karma
  • 4/5th Grade Girls…Titanium

The winners of the TEAM NAME contest were the ABCDE FC….from the Adult Mens Division. Very clever, gentlemen!!


Mark your calendars for the 12th Annual Summer Sizzler, July 20th, 2019!!!!


Liability Waiver Acknowledgement

If you indicated on your registration that you would bring a signed copy of the 2018 Liability Waiver but would like to confirm with an electronic signature instead, please click the link below. If you indicated on your registration that the parents of all players HAD read the 2018 Liability Waiver, then you do not need to do anything more.


Info coming soon!

Schedules for this Saturday will be posted on Wednesday by noon as well as emailed to the person who registered your team. We will include important info about check in and tourney day specifics. Please be sure to read the rules of the game posted here on this web site. PLEASE make sure all your fans remember that there are NO pets allowed on the premises.

Someone will call the team representative on Thursday to reserve a tent space. If you aren’t able to answer your phone, she’ll leave a message for you to call her back.

Can’t wait to see everyone!!

3v3 Registration Ends SOON!!

Registration closes at noon (on the dot) on Monday… There’s one or two divisions closing up… But everyone else is still open! If you haven’t paid yet, you need to do that by noon Monday as well. If we have a waiting list… We may replace your team if you haven’t paid.

We will do our best to get the schedules posted on Wed and someone will call you on Thurs to reserve your tent space. We will make calls based on who registered AND paid 1st. Whoever registered your team is who will get the phone call.

We’ll email additional info later this week. Please remind your team & their parents that there are NO ANIMALS allowed on the fields. We hate turning animals away, but it is district policy. Also Ozark is A NO SMOKING CAMPUS… Which includes the parking lots.

Can’t wait to see everyone!!

6 days and counting…… 🤩