Information you’ve been asking about….

Hello All!!  WOW…what a crazy couple of days it’s been!! Thank you all for registering for our 3v3.  I’ve been getting a few phone calls, so I thought I’d put up a post to keep you up to date!

  1.  Schedules will be made Tues into Wed…however, it goes thru several different people to check and double check for accuracy…so they won’t be posted until Thursday morning.
  2. Tent space…we will be calling everyone starting with who registered first all the way down the list so that you can reserve a tent location. We do ask that you try to conserve space…so if you have multiple teams, try to fit them into less tents than you have teams. (3 teams…two tent spots etc…) We have over 100 teams registered at the moment (6:45pm)…and I expect a dozen more before we shut it down.
  3. Tent Map.  We will have the tent map up on the web site BEFORE we call you. The reason we wait until Thursday to call is so that you can see your schedule before you choose a location.  LOTS happen those last two days!!
  4. Check in. We will have early check in again on Friday night starting at 7:00pm (remember…we won’t let anyone in until 7pm ~ we always have a line :0)  If you want to check in Saturday…that is fine.  Just make sure you give yourself an hour prior to your first game.  It does get a bit busy at the check in table!!
  5. Rules are posted on the web site.  Some of the dates in the actual rules are incorrect…but the rules themselves are accurate. (I think it has the rain out date incorrect…the rain out date is always the following day ~ Sunday)
  6. ALL registrations must be paid by midnight tonight or you lose your guarantee of being in the tournament. For those of you who did not pay at the same time you registered…you’ve been emailed an invoice. Please pay that tonight so you don’t lose your spot!!
  7. If you have any questions, feel free to call.  582-1107 or email
  8. We will be sending out an email Tuesday at some point with this and additional information about parking, concessions etc… Whomever signed your team up will be the one to receive the email.  Hopefully they will pass that info on to all on the team.
  9. We are having a CANNED FOOD DRIVE again.  The winner** will receive their registration fee REFUNDED!!!!  **There are stipulations…that will be in the email!