The date has been set…and we’re getting things in motion! With an OUTSTANDING attendance last year of 98 teams, we are considering capping the tournament. We don’t want to run the risk of losing quality because of quantity. Our suggestion is REGISTER EARLY!!

We have added two new components this year. First, Online Payment! Last year we began online registration, but you still had to send in your check. This year you have two options. Pay online via PayPal (there is a link once you have submitted your team information) OR you may still send in a check with the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM. Second, we have offered “prime real estate” for your canopy’s/tents! We will offer canopy/tent space for $10 (this is optional). This reserves your tent space in your desired location. If you want to reserve a space for your canopy/tent, you will pay $10 per tent and you may reserve your space on a first “registered” first served basis. SO…this is another incentive to register early. If you choose not to reserve canopy/tent space ~ that is fine. We can not guarantee that you will get a space inside the fence…but we WILL have space outside the fence for anyone to set up. If you have questions on how this will work, please contact Missy at 582-1107. There is a payment option online for registration WITH TENT and registration WITH NO TENT. We will take location confirmations once the schedules have been posted (around July 15) so that you can see which field your team will be playing on ~ and hopefully get as close to that field as possible. Last year we did run out of space inside the fence…so if you want to make sure you are inside the fence ~ go for the $10 to reserve a space!! A map of the canopy/tent spaces will be available sometime in June.

Our Web Site is up and running!!!! Hurry and get your teams registered!!

If you will be registering online, but paying by check, please CLICK HERE for instructions.

We are so excited to see everyone again this year!