We had to change the 7th and 8th grade boys divisions… there are now three divisions.  7th, 7/8th and 8th.  Please check carefully if you are a team in those age ranges.  ALSO, the High School Boys White and High School Girls White have changed.  All of the changes have been highlighted in yellow.  We highlighted the entire age group because every game in each of those divisions changed.  Sorry to those this affects… Hopefully this gives everyone plenty of time to change their plans!

I have re-posted the schedule here.  Thanks to all!!

2013 REVISED Schedules for 3v3 Sizzler



OK, we have spent countless hours fine tuning this schedule.  It’s not “ideal” for everyone…. the adult teams will be down on the turf (something we eliminated a few years back).  Due to the large number of teams…it was necessary.  I have attached the schedules as a PDF file.  It is in book format…so you will need to scroll through to find your age group.  For the 2nd and 3rd grade divisions…they are co-ed, so there is no “boys” or “girls” divisions.  There are multiple divisions for other ages…so make sure you are looking at the correct schedule.  We will be sending out information to the contact e-mail address with some important information regarding check in, early check in (Friday), rules and reminder.  PLEASE make sure you read through it all thoroughly.  We would not send it out if we did not feel like it was important information.  As far as the schedule goes, we have had it looked over by multiple people to make sure it is correct (times, fields, teams).  Because we had so many teams register, we were unable to accommodate the requests for a coach who coaches multiple teams…. many of you are coaching multiple teams and we apologize that we could not do this for you.  Hopefully you will have several parents there who will step in and coach (or substitute players!!) in your absence if necessary.  We did not even make accommodations for any of our home teams ~ so we are in the same boat as you are!!  If we all remember that this is a FUN event and not get caught up in the winning and losing of games, that might help us all realize that having a parent on the sideline coaching is not such a horrible thing!! :0)  (Coaches…this might be the perfect opportunity for the parents to realize that coaching isn’t as easy as it may seem!!!)  We appreciate everyone’s understanding in this matter.  Also, we had many requests to not play teams from the same club.  We did our best.  Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t.  Again….we have the same situation with our home teams.  It’s a bummer to play your teammates ~ but it had to happen.  Look for an e-mail to come LATE tonight (Wed).  If you do not receive one and you were the team contact, please e-mail ~  it’s possible there was a typo! (give me until midnight or so…. you’ll have it in your inbox first thing in the morning!!)

Thank you ALL so much for participating in our 6th Annual 3v3.  We hope you have an amazing time.  Please share with us your suggestions and kudos afterwards.  We really do take all suggestions into consideration!!  Our top priority is that your team has fun and wants to return next year!!  AND DON’T FORGET…. WE ARE HAVING A CANNED FOOD DRIVE FOR THE LEAST OF THESE FOOD PANTRY.  THE TEAM WHO BRINGS IN THE MOST CANS GETS THEIR REGISTRATION FEE WAIVED!!!!  Bring your canned goods to the registration table either Friday or Saturday.  Tell the registration workers your team name and they will keep a running tally.  We will announce the winners around 2:00pm (if you are gone by then, we will send your team a check in the mail)  Let’s be GENEROUS!!!

Best Wishes…. and See Ya Saturday!!  Summer Sizzler Committee

2013 REVISED Schedules for 3v3 Sizzler