Map for Tent Spaces

Here is the map for the tent spaces. As you can see, we only have 74 tent spots and 104 teams. We know this stresses many of you out. We had 115 teams last year and did well…so we’re sure we can do that again!!  PLEASE…when Suzanne calls you,  be kind to her…she’s only following instructions :0). If you are bringing multiple teams, we’d like you to consider condensing your tent spaces to the minimum. Remember, when she calls and no one picks up, she will leave a message. You are then to text her back at the number she called from and when she gets off the phone, she will call you right back. Please don’t ask her to save your friend a spot next to you…it’s first registered AND paid first called. That’s the benefit for those who registered early!!

Please check the schedule Friday night in case there are any changes that apply to your plans for Saturday morning. Any dire messages will go out on Twitter @sizzler3v3.




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