Schedules are READY!!!!!

Schedules are ready. There is a PDF link at the bottom of this message. Please look over everything carefully…and make sure your parents/players look everything over carefully as well. We have attached the entire tournament book so you can see who our sponsors are, parking information, Friday night check in times, what you can and can’t bring to the fields on Saturday (NO ANIMALS).

If you see any mistakes, please contact Missy at 830-5190 immediately. Any changes that we make will be highlighted in yellow so you can see the change has been made and we will contact all parties involved in the change.

We had at least 1/2 of the coaches request to not be double booked on a time slot. This just gets impossible when scheduling over 100 teams. Please don’t ask us to change any of those games. We’re very sorry if that occurred. Hopefully one of your other parents can step in and have fun with the kids!!

We will open on Saturday at 7am (please don’t come any earlier than that).  Games begin at 8:00am sharp. (Friday check in is 6:30pm-7:30pm…the info is in the attachment). Tent space phone calls will happen on Thursday. This gives you time to look at the schedule and see where you’d like to set up shop. We have roughly 80 tent spots and 104 teams…so if you are bringing 3 teams, see if you can just use 2 tent spaces. That way everyone gets to enjoy being on the field!

Remember…this is a FUN EVENT…. try not to get too wound up over little things. Keep in mind that some of our referees have very little experience and some have a lot of experience. They are all doing their best!! The HS kids get very nervous out there and if you holler at them…it will make them even more so. If you have ANY questions, feel free to call or email. If you need help the day of (someone gets hurt, sick etc…) we will have field marshals in orange vest between fields. Get their attention and they will radio for help.

Parking is always a fun subject to think about!!  The back grass area is for all our workers, volunteers, vendors etc… Those people will have special fliers in their car windows. The bottom parking lot is bigger than it has been in the past…but you must park in an actual space. If you create your own…you will get towed. We have to have space open for emergency vehicles and handicapped spaces. Once the lower parking lot is full, the parking attendants will let you drop off your goodies, but then you’ll need to park up by the HS. There is a Baseball event going on again…so please don’t try to park in their lot. (and hopefully they won’t try to park in ours!!)

Sorry for the novel. Just want to make sure everyone has the info they need. We’ll be sending out an email with the same info. Please share with your players/parents!!

Oh, Also… right now there is a slight chance of rain for Saturday. We will keep everyone posted on any delays on our TWITTER account @Sizzler3v3.  This is by far the easiest way to reach mass amounts of people. Remember…if the whole thing were to get canceled…the rainout date is Sunday…same times for everything. If it’s not lightening…you can bet we’re probably going to be playing…anyone remember 2009?? DOWN POUR right up until game time!!


2017 Summer Sizzler Schedule (revised as of 7:45pm July 12)


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