3v3 Registration Ends SOON!!

Registration closes at noon (on the dot) on Monday… There’s one or two divisions closing up… But everyone else is still open! If you haven’t paid yet, you need to do that by noon Monday as well. If we have a waiting list… We may replace your team if you haven’t paid.

We will do our best to get the schedules posted on Wed and someone will call you on Thurs to reserve your tent space. We will make calls based on who registered AND paid 1st. Whoever registered your team is who will get the phone call.

We’ll email additional info later this week. Please remind your team & their parents that there are NO ANIMALS allowed on the fields. We hate turning animals away, but it is district policy. Also Ozark is A NO SMOKING CAMPUS… Which includes the parking lots.

Can’t wait to see everyone!!

6 days and counting…… 🤩


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