2015 Summer Sizzler 3v3 Division Champions

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our participants for making it through the 94 degree weather day!!! However, some did come out on top and we should recognize their efforts! Several divisions had teams tied ~ and it took the 3rd or 4th tie breaker to determine the ultimate winner. Of course, our main focus is HAVING FUN…and we hope you all experienced that!

Here are your Division Winners:
Young Girls:   STRIKERS
4th/5th Grade Girls:   SMSA
5th Grade Girls:   Happy Feet
6th Grade Girls:   SWAT
7th/8th Grade Girls “BLACK”:   Demize Dash
7th/8th Grade Girls “RED”:   Nixa Assault
High School Girls “C”:   FC Legacy Aqua
High School Girls “B”:   E-Lemon-ators
High School Girls “BLACK”:   Onetouchables
High School Girls “RED”:   Queen City Reign

1st/2nd Grade Boys:  Magic U7
4th Grade Boys “RED”:  Chaos ~ Wormington
4th Grade Boys “BLACK”:  FC Legacy Lava
4th/5th Grade Boys:  WAYLA
5th Grade Boys:  Boss Ballerz
6th Grade Boys “BLACK”:  Just for Fun Too
6th Grade Boys “RED”:  S.W.A.T.
6th Grade Boys “WHITE”:  Just for Fun
7th Grade Boys:  Flamin’ Hot Cheetos
8th Grade Boys “BLACK”:  Benchwarmers
8th Grade Boys “RED”:   Victorious Secret
High School Boys “C”:   FC Legacy Steel
High School Boys “B”:   FC Legacy Silver
High School Boys “A/B” BLACK:   Daddies
High School Boys “A/B” RED:   FC Legacy Gold
High School Boys “A”:   Precious Cargo
Adults:   Messi Pants

Again, congratulations to all our participants…especially those who were able to bring home a Champions Lanyard!! Keep us on your calendar for next Summer ~ July 16, 2016. We will start emailing reminders out around the beginning of June.


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