CLICK HERE FOR SCHEDULES….but please read all this FIRST.

Someone will be calling you tomorrow to choose your canopy space. We will start with the 1st team to register and work our way down the list. If you do not answer the phone, we will move on. As soon as you get the message, call back and we will get you your spot! We have 113 team this year and 76 maybe 77 spots available!! I know many teams will be sharing tent space ~ and we TRULY appreciate that!! If you have multiple teams coming, please consider this so that everyone can be inside the gate. If we run out of space inside…we have plenty of space just outside the North West corner of the field!

HERE is the map of the canopy spaces. When our volunteer calls, please have a “range” in mind…North fence line, East fence line etc… specific tent space numbers will probably only be good for the 1st 30 people…then it will be a “general vicinity” choice. We can only allow one tent space per team unless there are open spaces AFTER we have contacted everyone. Also, all tents can not be bigger than 10’x10ft. We have only allotted 11′ per space (6″ either side for wiggle room) We’ll do our best to put teams who are coming as groups together.

We will have early check in on Friday night beginning at 6:30. You know we won’t let you in any earlier ;0) Check in begins at 7:00am on Saturday. PLEASE do not forget your liability waivers (CLICK HERE FOR ONE) if you did not check that off on the online registration. We will have extra copies at the check in table. Your team is not considered “checked-in” until all payments are up to date and all waiver are accounted for. All we need is the parents signature on the bottom portion (actually, you can have all the parent sign one copy!)

We will be sending out an email with more information about parking, concessions, rules etc…

Last, we apologize ahead of time if you are coaching two teams and you have games that are scheduled at the same time. We were not able to schedule around those things. Hopefully you get lucky and don’t have any conflicts…sorry if you do~ with 113 teams, we were lucky to get out of there by dark!!

Any questions, call 582-1107. Ask for Missy or Tom… or you can email



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