1st place sizzler
Congratulations to ALL the teams who participated in the 7th Annual Summer Sizzler. We hope everyone had FUN!!!

BUT…we did keep score…so here are your division champs!

3/4th grade The Fast 5
5th grade 417 FC White
7th grade Sharp Shooters
HS Girls “C” Kia Kaha
HS Girls “B” OPSA
HS Girls “A” Classy Cleats

2nd grade Co-Ed Sting FC
3rd grade (RED) WAYLA
3rd grade (BLACK) Trouble Makers
4th grade Sting FC
5th grade (RED) Willard Tigers
5th grade (BLACK) Just for fun
7th grade Air Biscuits
8th grade (RED) Rowdy Roosters
8th grade (BLACK) UnReal Madrid
HS Boys “C” 4 Guys FC
HS Boys “B” (RED) FC Legacy Titanium
HS Boys “B”(BLACK) Los Alemanes
HS Boys “A” Drift Kings

Adult Recreational Grass Kickers
Adult Competitive ManChestHair United

See you next year!!!


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