Registration for the 2014 Summer Sizzler is CLOSED

sizzler logo design
Thank you to all of you who signed up!! We have 86 teams that we are extremely excited to see on Saturday. Here are a few things you might like to know:

Tournament Directors are starting to schedule games this morning. We hope to have them posted and e-mailed out no later than Thursday morning. At that time, we will also post the “Canopy” layout. If you said “YES” you wanted to reserve a space for your canopy, you will be contacted in the order in which your registration came in. You can pick from the available spots at that time.

The tournament rules posted on this site are “dated” 2012. The rules have not changed, so they are still applicable. We’ve just overlooked the title of the page. PLEASE make sure your player, parents and especially your coaches know the rules thru and thru.

We will have our “Canned Food Drive” again this year. The team that brings in the most canned food items will receive their $100 fee back!! Once all the cans are counted, our treasurer will hand the team their reimbursement check on the field. We will allow teams to bring items in that will count towards their team total until noon. Drop your items off at the registration table and they will tally up all the totals!!

PLEASE look for LOTS of information to come into your e-mail box (the person who registered the team). There will be information about parking (we all have to work together on this one!!), uniform regulations (see tournament rules, also), canopy set up and pre-registration.

ALSO… if you have not paid your $100 or $110 registration fee YOU NEED TO DO THAT IMMEDIATELY. Unless you have spoken directly to Missy and she is aware that you are bringing it Friday at pre-registration ~ we should have it. If you haven’t paid yet, you can e-mail and we will send you a request for money via PayPal and you can put it on your debit or credit card.

We hear the weather is supposed to to AMAZING this weekend!!!! As always we will have tons of hamburgers, hot dogs, cold meat sandwiches, grilled chicken sandwiches, drinks, snacks and of course KONA ICE will be there!!! Any questions, please contact 582-1107!


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