1st place sizzlerHere are the Division Champs.  The only divisions that were “A” or “B” (or competitive vs recreational) were the High School Leagues and The Adult leagues.  All other age divisions were divided as equally as possible for each age group.  Congratulations to ALL the teams  ~ win or lose.  For us, it’s all about having fun at the Sizzler!!!


2nd grade Co-ed ….. WAYLA
3rd grade Co – ed…. Pink Red Devils
4th grade girls… Nixa Soccer Club
5th grade girls…. Turf Queens
7th grade girls… OPSA White
8th grade girls…. OPSA Orange
HS girls “C”…. Midwest United
HS girls” B”… Neosho wildcats
HS girls “A”… Elite U18

4/5 grade boys… FC Legacy Black
5th grade boys… BELT United Jeff City
6th grade boys… Demize
6th grade boys…. Skilz that Thrilz
7th grade boys… ManChestHair United
7/8th grade boys… Balls of Fury
8th grade boys… SSC U13
HS boys” C”…. Toe Pokes
HS boys “B”…. DA Beast
HS boys “A”… Midwest United
Adult Recreational…. FC Legacy Voltage
Adult Competitive… White Lightning

We’ve sent out an e-mail to all the “team contacts” asking for feedback.  Feel free to give your own feedback to us at summersizzler2008@yahoo.com.  Your input is important to us…. What was GREAT…. and what needs improvement??  We want to know!!  Thanks for being a part of such a great day!!

See you July 19, 2014 for the 7th Annual Summer Sizzler 3v3 Tournament!!


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